Need Specialized Healthcare Facility Renovation Services?

Choose Trousdale Construction for healthcare construction services in Lakeland, Florida

Renovating hospitals and medical clinics is tedious work that requires careful planning. Having completed numerous health care facility renovations and repair projects, you can trust us to keep dust, noise and debris confined to areas that won't affect patients or staff in your hospital or medical clinic.

Turn to Trousdale Construction, Inc. for healthcare construction work in Lakeland, Florida and surrounding areas. We'll make sure that our construction area in your medical clinic or hospital is safe for all at all times. Contact us right away to schedule reliable hospital construction services.

5 good reasons to choose Trousdale Construction

Trousdale Construction takes on health care construction projects in the Lakeland, Florida & Surrounding Areas. You should hire us to conduct your hospital or medical clinic renovations because:

  • We have over 5 years of healthcare construction experience
  • We are certified by the Contruction Infection Control Institute as a "Certified Healthcare Worker"
  • We can help you design your new healthcare space
  • We use a negative air machine to clear the air of dust and particulates
  • We are careful not to breach electrical or plumbing lines



Reach out to us right away with any questions about our healthcare construction services.